About Us

CHAMPION Family is the first manufacturer of ac pumps in India since 1967 when there were only AC/DC pumps in the market which made great trouble for the customer.

Champion Family is the leading manufacturer since 1967 of high-quality products i.e we are selling different sizes of water pumps, exhaust fans, cooler fans, table fans, wall fans, pedestal fans, louver ventilation fans, dessert and room air coolers, geysers, heat convectors, gas geysers, halogen heaters and complete range of small household appliances etc and offer our customers new and innovative products that satisfy their needs.

We are leading manufacturer in India with a wide range of colours and models, getting excellent response from both rural and urban markets, due to very competitive prices and best quality products. Our aim is to enrich and expand the CHAMPION offerings so that the consumers have a wide variety of choice. we are continuously developing new products through excellent R&D personal for all the specific needs at all times.
All our products are ISO 9001-2008.

We are famous for the immediate after sales services.